Management Enhancement – Case Study

Encompass Healthcare Solutions Provides Training to Increase the Productivity of First Line Managers with Real Coaching Solutions

Call to Action

Training first line managers to become a coach is different in the Life Sciences arena vs. other industries. Generic coaching programs do not address ways in which first line managers in the Life Science industry should perform. A small specialty pharmaceutical company identified a need to enhance the coaching skill set of their managers in order to maximize the development of the talent in the organization.

Focal Point

Because of the specificity and intensity of training requirements, Encompass Healthcare Solutions worked closely with the client to understand the needs, goals and content to be covered. All of the Encompass Healthcare Solutions team members had been first line managers in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and understood the dilemma associated with field coaching. Encompass Healthcare Solutions designed and implemented workshop-based training programs which utilize a model that was customized to the healthcare industry.


Encompass Healthcare Solutions staff functioned as instructional Design Consultants and facilitated the workshop. The workshop program was effectively implemented and featured focused slide deck, a coaching model, case studies, and a video, all of which supported the new field coaching objectives. This program is now a mainstay for onboarding new first line managers.