Sales Force Effectiveness – Case Study

Encompass Healthcare Solutions Provides a Training Solution for Impacting Sales with “Difficult to Access” Physicians

Call to Action

A specialty biotech company recognized that their field sales force was not optimizing business opportunities with “difficult to access” physician offices. Their identified needs were to:

  • Increase access
  • Enhance interactions
  • Drive sales with their specialty physicians

It was determined that the contact to “difficult to access” physicians required more planning, focus and strategy.

Focal Point

Encompass Healthcare Solutions designed an interactive workshop based upon the client’s need to enhance the sales force’s effectiveness with difficult to access physicians. The workshop was anchored by a case study and included interactive exercises that generated a high level of participant involvement.

Program content included:

Workbook on Driving Sales with “Difficult to Access” Physicians – It was imperative to set the stage with an overview of how the pharmaceutical industry has gotten to this point in its history. Additionally important was the development of an access continuum where participants could gage their office’s rank and develop techniques to gain access.

Acting as a Value Added Resource – Specialty sales representatives would be able to differentiate themselves by functioning proactively as a value added resource for physician’s offices. Specialty sales representatives illustrate this by providing product specific, patient specific and managed care specific information not only to physicians, but auxiliary office staff.

Case study presentations – Case study presentations opened the last segment where specialty sales representatives had developed strategies and tactics to access a particular physician office in their territory. This led to an interactive and lively discussion among participants.


The program provided participants with the understanding and skills necessary to contact “difficult to access” physicians through a strategic plan.