Broadening Managed Market Calls: Penetrating Managed Market Accounts

This ½ day program is designed to assist account managers strengthen their account management skills while practicing and learning new techniques to apply to their accounts. This workshop enhances the account manager planning skills with pull through strategies and tactics in their managed market account. Various departments in the managed markets are influential in utilizing pharmaceutical products. Relationships built in these areas of influence can often provide insight to various treatment modalities or protocols utilized within the account. Case studies and exercises will be customized by Encompass Healthcare Solutions and your company for implementation into the workshop.


  • Analyze account potential and identify opportunities and challenges.
  • Establish goals to various departments within a managed markets account.
  • Develop techniques on how to gain access to key contacts in targeted departments using disease state benchmarks.
  • Set up programs where applicable and coordinate with various team members when appropriate.
  • Utilize account plan to implement new strategies and tactics to enhance business goals of account and your company.