Managed Markets Training: A customized Approach

This 1 ½ day workshop will enable account manager to develop a sound working knowledge of the managed market place. They will gain significant insight into various organizations comprising the managed care delivery system and their impact on the healthcare services provide to it members. This workshop is also designed to accelerate account managers understanding of the various managed markets and their ability to work them effectively.


  • Discuss the history of managed care, leading to the various types of managed healthcare delivery systems, their distinguishing features and impact on the healthcare system.
  • Differentiate between Medicare and Medicaid and their influence on your company’s products.
  • Delineate PBM’s and their role in the managed market arena.
  • Explain Medicare Part D and how it impacts your company’s products.
  • Understand various managed markets account and key healthcare personal within those institutions to better utilize territory management skill to generate greater pull through.