Interactive Compliance Training

This workshop provides sales representatives with the confidence to identify appropriate and inappropriate scenarios that arise in day-to-day selling situations. Having a thorough working knowledge of the rules and regulations governing their activities in the field, the sales force will be able to avoid undo penalties, fines, and other legal actions that may be brought against any company, their customer base, or the sales representative. They will be able to respond to compliance situations confidently using techniques learned during the training programs. Sales representatives will be able to capitalize on these situations to create a selling environment that will benefit the client and drive business. This interactive workshop provides the proper training on regulatory issues will afford a definitive competitive edge over the competition. Management will have confidence that each sales representative, through their compliance training, has developed the skills necessary to properly address any compliance situation that should arise in the field.


  • Discern key compliance issues as they relate to compliance policies and procedures.
  • Define and support compliance policies and procedures related to sales representatives’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Prepare and implement case scenarios to develop and reinforce knowledge, competence, and confidence.